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Bet at CMD Sportbook and get up to 2% Instant Rebate
1. The promotion will start from 01/01/2022 (00:00 GMT+8) – 31/12/2022 (23:59 GMT+8).
This activity is only apply to Fun88 CMD Sportbook members.
2. Members will get instant rebate when bet is settled in CMD Sportsbook with below details:

Bet Type Rebate percentage
Parlay 2%3. Example: member bet 100,000 fun888asia VND for Parlay, instant rebate 2,000 VND will be given when bet is settled
4. No minimum bet required.
5. No application needed. Rebate will be automatically credited to qualified members. The more you bet, the more you receive!
6. Fun88 serves the right to cancel free bet if suspecting that members are cheating and violate our betting policy.
Terms and Conditions of Fun88 will apply to this promotion.

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